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Welcome to The Incense Faerie's smoky lil' corner of the web, where you'll find my latest incense offerings and related paraphernalia.

Summer 2019 Update : The Incense Faerie's shop is currently closed while I wait for the herbs to grow and the incense batches to mature - Please email me if you have an urgent incense enquiries. See you after harvest!

Snowdrift and Snowflakes

If you can't find what you're looking for, please ask me. Custom incense blends available, and suggestions and requests for items you'd like to see in the shop are welcome ~ simply

If you encounter any problems whilst using the site or shop please get in touch, and I will do my best to help.

The Incense Faerie is run by an incense-obsessed faerie who has been making and selling her own herbal incense blends since 2003.

"...join me on a magical journey through the realm of fragrant smoke : wander through valleys of sage, lavender and rosemary; explore crushed copal caves and frankincense forests stretching down to sandalwood shores and benzoin beaches...
.... relax and drift on breezes of saffron-tinged patchouli and cinnamon-kissed neroli; or curl up with a good dream in clouds of frangipani and cardomom..."

I love chatting about herbs and incense... and there's nearly always a brew on the stove ~ catch up with me on twitter, or send me an email ~ I'd love to hear from you!

What The Incense Faerie's customers say :

"I am happy indeed when my house is filled with the magical scents hand crafted in this Faeries kitchen. Beautiful incense....delightfully packaged....and a warm and wonderful service....can't praise it enough!!"

"It is so beautiful ~ more than I could have wished for."

"As an international buyer I was very pleased with quality of incense and the prompt service I received. Stunning incense and highly recommend to buy in bulk my five packets didn't last long! I will definitely be revisiting again!! Highly recommended ❤ ❤ "

"Used the Flying Incense during circle, we had some wonderful images and feelings"


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