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If you'd like to add your comments please contact me ~ all feedback, reviews, requests and suggestions welcomed!

"I am happy indeed when my house is filled with the magical scents hand crafted in this Faeries kitchen. Beautiful incense....delightfully packaged....and a warm and wonderful service....can't praise it enough!!"

From a very lovely delivery lady : "oh wow! your house smells gorgeous!!" (I was testing the latest batch of Serenity - and a tweet from a customer who received a pack from that very batch) : "Absolutely loving the beautiful smell of Serenity dancing around my home"

"Used the Flying Incense during circle, we had some wonderful images and feelings"

"I have burned Purity again today, about an hour ago. The minute smoke wafted I was at Barsham Fair (Nr Beccles) many many moons ago…"

"As an international buyer I was very pleased with quality of incense and the prompt service I received. Stunning incense and highly recommend to buy in bulk my five packets didn't last long! I will definitely be revisiting again!! Highly recommended ❤ ❤ "

"Gorgeous incense speedily dispatched. My house is filled with the scent of patchouli - lovely"

"Received an envelope full of the most wonderful incense this morning. I think even the postman was reluctant to let go of it and put it through the door!"

"Nag Champa Gold - I'm not sure I will ever manage without it again."

"My parcel came on Friday - thank you so much! I'm studying now in a room filled with deliciousness!"

"It is so beautiful ~ more than I could have wished for."

"Tonight we placed a small piece of Frankincense resin on the charcoal and sprinkled it with a tea spoon of Sanctuary !  WOW, WOW, WOW !     Beautiful !  We felt we must share this combination with you and for you to pass on to others should you wish. The quality of your products is amazing ! Superb quality!"

"My incense has arrived and we love it! Thank you for such a quick order / delivery xx"

"When you can smell your post before you even open it...mmmm....Shop bought can't even compare..many thanks!!!"

"My partner never liked the smell of incense only in the form of a spray but since trying the incense faeries 5 pack special she now love's nag gold & meena supreme thank's so much incense faerie"

"I've just lit Lazy Days…. it pinches nicely into a 'fin' and is very easy to light. Produces a lot of smoke but burns quickly so the quantity of smoke is not a problem... to describe the scent… I'm picturing a very old house, a lady's bedroom of dark wood panelling, an open lead pane window where a sheer cotton curtain occasionally billows with late summer air… Draped over an elegant half upholstered chair before a recently used dressing-table there lays discarded clothing, floral decorated pure linens within which a woman's perfume still lingers …. who was she? Ooooh, where did I go to then?….. see what that incense did !!"

If you'd like to add your comments please contact me ~ all feedback, reviews, requests and suggestions welcomed!


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