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Charcoal ~ Arabian Charcoal


Foil wrapped packs of 10 easy-to-burn blocks.
Each disc burns for about an hour, depending on conditions.
Store opened packs in an airtight container.

£1.40/pack or £3.50/3 packs


Metal Tong and Spoon Set

Tong and Spoon Set

Metal Tong and Spoon Set (for use with charcoal and resin or powder incense). The spoon has a charmingly decorated handle.
Set consists of 1 x Tong and 1 x Spoon.

Sorry ~ currently out of stock.


How to use Arabian Quick-Lite Charcoal
These charcoal discs are for use with resins and (non-combustible) incense blends (such as the Gaia's Garden range).

You'll need a censer or suitable heat-proof bowl/dish to burn the charcoal in (not glass). You can add a layer of ash or sand in the bottom of your censer or bowl to protect the censer from heat damage and to provide better air circulation to the charcoal and incense, ensuring a more even burn.

Using a pair of tongs to hold the charcoal, light the edge of the charcoal disc with a flame and it will start sparking & glowing.
WARNING : the charcoal can get very hot very quickly ~ it may also spit!

Place the charcoal on the bed of ash and let it continue to sparkle and catch until it has all taken.

Once the charcoal disc has stopped sparking and is fully lit and gently smouldering you can sprinkle on your chosen resins, herbs and incense blends.

How much of the incense powder / resins you add is up to you, and you can keep adding until the charcoal disc has finished burning (usually between 30 minutes to an hour or so, depending on conditions).

Make sure the charcoal has completely finished burning and allow the remaining ash (and incense) to cool completely before disposing of it safely. Cold ash can be added to the compost heap.

Keep your opened packs of charcoal discs in an airtight container (otherwise they'll fail to burn), and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.


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