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Gaia's Garden provides blends of organically grown and wildcrafted herbs, spices, resins and oils. For everyday use or that special ceremony, Gaia's Garden hand-blended incense mixes of organic herbs, spices, resins and oils offer magical scents with magical properties.
Requests for custom blends welcomed! Cariad and Y Ddraig Goch are both blends which were originally comissioned as handfasting incenses, and I delight in making custom smudges.

    • Cruelty-Free : No animal products. Not tested on animals. • 100% Natural - no fillers, artificial fragrances or anything nasty! • Pure plant magic.

"Gaia's Garden ~ bringing you the Natural Magic of Mother Earth."

Gaia's Garden Incense Blends

Currently available in lined tin-tie kraft pouches. The pouch contains enough incense to fill a 60ml glass jar, plus an extra spoonful for luck!

Price and weights vary depending on the blend - the lavender rich Serenity blend is closer to 20g whereas the resin-only Sanctuary blend is at least 50g. Looking for Charcoal?

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Incense Blends | Incense Powders

Gaia's Garden Incense Blends : Sprinkle over glowing charcoal blocks or makko powder, or suitable heat-source, to release the fragrant smoke. Loose blends give you control over how much incense you use in each sitting ~ just remember, a little goes a long way...

Cariad - Welsh for Love - is a soothing, romantic blend of frankincense, sandalwood, rose petals, benzoin & marjoram with rose otto, jasmine absolute & pure neroli oils. (40g) Currently out of stock, please contact me to be notified when the next batch is ready.

Fool's Dust
A sweet & spicy blend of lavender, frankincense, cassia & ginger - sprinkle a healthy pinch over glowing charcoal & release the gingerbread fool... (30g)

A blend of benzoin, frankincense and copal resins - created specifically for use during meditation, this gentle, fragrant incense creates an atmosphere of sacred sanctuary. Very calming and comforting. (50g)

Y Ddraig Goch
Y Ddraig Goch - Welsh for The Red Dragon - is a fiery blend of freshly ground black peppercorn, rosemary, ginger, copal & dragonsblood with orange essential oil. (40g) Currently out of stock, please contact me to be notified when the next batch is ready.

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Gaia's Garden Incense Powders : These blends do not require charcoal to burn, although you may still use them in combination with charcoal if you wish too. With these powders simply take a large pinch, place on a bed of ash in your chosen censer, and light the tip of the powder with a flame, until the incense smoulders and merrily smokes away...

Lazy Days
A sleepy blend of chamomile flowers, lavender, copal, and dammar gum, creating a blissfully dreamy aroma - with a hint of freshly baked apple pie & shortcrust pastry.... (25g) Currently out of stock, please contact me to be notified when the next batch is ready.

Purify and protect spaces with this cleansing incense mix of sage, rosemary & frankincense.
Sage has long been used in smudge-sticks to clear space & banish unwanted energies. Magically it is also used for protection, psychic ability, mental clarity, longevity and wisdom. Rosemary also has an age old reputation for purifying and protecting spaces : In ancient Greece sprigs of rosemary were burnt at shrines, and in the Middle Ages it was used to protect against infectious illness and burnt to ‘drive away evil spirits’ (25g)

A calming blend of homegrown lavender, marjoram & frankincense : light & soothing - relax & enjoy the peace & calm that is serenity... (20g) Currently out of stock, please contact me to be notified when the next batch is ready.

Smudge Mix
A fragrant cleansing blend of sage, lavender and frankincense. (20g) Currently out of stock, please contact me to be notified when the next batch is ready.

Vision Quest
A blend of mugwort, sage, coltsfoot, frankincense and dragonsblood - created specifically for use during vision quests and visualisation work. (25g)

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